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  2. As Chloe, I can honestly say I’ve never uttered a syllable of a curse word, not even behind closed doors.

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  3. this is so fricking fucking sweet ;-;

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  5. Goofy in love is the most cute thing ever! ❤️

  6. i will never stop rebbloging this ;-;

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    i need to follow more Gorillaz blogs so pls like/reblog if u reblog Gorillaz stuff

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  9. pass them !


    You haven’t read real smut until you’ve read Gorillaz fanfiction. Gorillaz fans know how to write smut


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  11. noodle’s ass plz 

    & murdoc’s last movement… put them together…


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    I took this video at Acen, and it’s my first gif!!!!!
    It’s of my friend newdll 
    she’s doing noodles little dance from “Broken”
    :) you guys proud of me

    the hair♥ the HAIR 

  13. richard-hardwick:

    She’s wonderful…

    this is my fav post♥

  14. is this cyborg noodle?

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  15. Tomorrow is my birthday, but my party was today, and this is the best gift of the day 😍